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Thursday, September 8, 2011


WHOOPIE!!! 143 baby!!! So this week has been full of changes for me. New school year for the kids, got my haircut....by a professional!!! Not my hubby in the dining room this time but a real professional...who happens to be a friend. But it was great. LOVE IT! A new piercing (which is #4 now and which I know me saying that will probably create a phone call from my mom, but it's really ok mom). Next week is another surprise change and I can't wait! BUT the best part of my week was getting on the scale this morning and seeing 143...or 142 depending on how I stood, so I will take 143 and run with it. I am amazed! I kinda fell off the wagon for a little bit, not bad but not perfect. Then hubby in his superman-likeness caught his damsel in distress and got her back on the horse. Golly, he is amazing. Maybe it's the shock from changing back to the good food that did it. Not sure. My face had been starting to break out and I've decided that carbs are really not my friend. If I eat them with caution, my face is clear. But throwing them back in like last week.....woofy...acne all over the place. NOT FUN AT 32!! But I'm back on the downward again and life is grand!

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