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Friday, July 29, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

147 today!!!! Yippee! 12 to go! Yesterday, besides having to take the elevator for training, I used the stairs the rest of the day. I even did a round on lunch; 4th to 7th, 7th to 1st, 1st to 6th, 6th to 1st, 1st to 4th....and dead! But it felt so good to accomplish that! Today is another day to use those stairs. I won't have then this weekend so I'm not sure what to do about that. I'll find something though. Camping again, hopefully I don't sabotage my success this week. Dinner was so cycle 1 last night. Chicken breast with TONS of spices, boiled carrots and string beans (beans from the garden!). The only non c1 was the little bit of mashed potatoes that I had. But it really wasn't much of a helping. And I still lost a pound!

Pulled another shirt out of the closet today that hasn't been worn in years. Although it still doesn't look the greatest, I'm wearing it anyway. OK, its a tank top that I'm wearing UNDER another shirt. Point is, no tugging on it either! LOL! Today is going to be a GREAT day. Another day to shoot the pounds down!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I need to confess....I've been cheating a bit. NOT A LOT! But I haven't been sticking as tightly to cycle 1 as I have wanted this time. So my thought is this. Start again next week. And this time stick to it...tight! While I feel great, I still haev those 13 pounds to lose. I really wanted to be at goal by August 19. That is when we leave for our adult weekend at the race. Monday would give me 3 weeks. HOPEFULLY, I can get this done or at least be closer to the goal.

Yesterday, I did meet my goal of only using the stairs. I even did stairs again on break. Today I won't be able to ALWAYS use the stairs because of training. When I get back to the office though, stairs it is. This a great way to burn my calories. This should help meet my goal as well. Onward and upward (up the stairs) and downward (on the scale)!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So, here we are again. And while I know there is no ACTUAL weight change (because the scale said so, no matter how I lean.) there has been a change in inches. I know this because of the shirt I put on today (and because my belt says so). It's one of those shirts that you are pulling down all day if your belly doesn't actually fit but you still want to wear it. Well, there was pulling-pulling over my head, pulling when I got out of the car. BUT walking the blocks to work and up the stairs (no elevator today is the goal) there was no shifting!!! I can't believe it. I'll post a picture in a while. Hehe.

Like I said, no elevator today. I already walked from floor 1 to floor 4 when I got here. It was a last minute decision. Today's trick, no elevator. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully that doesn't make me stay on floor 4 all day! LOL! I so have this. Well at least thats what my biggest cheerleader told me the other day. And I do. I have this. 13 pounds seems like a lot BUT I've lost 17 already! Over half. Start was 165 current is 148. I've got this.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm sorry, but I have to write about this. So please forgive my lack of lady-likeness for this post. I HAVE BEEN BOUND UP! There, I said it! Reason, not enough fiber. The last 3 days, I have added green beans (some fresh from our garden YUM YUM, some from a can) to my meals. Then some extra onions and cauliflower. Today I finally burst! Ok that was a little rude to say it that way. Let's try again. Today I finally had a #2, and not just one. I feel SO much better. While the scale was at a hault this morning still, I believe I have solved my problem. I would like to say thank you to a friend of mine who reminded me a while back that fiber is awfully important. While you don't want to have too much of it, there is definitly the need. Sorry about the post, but it needed to be said. Be sure that your fiber and water intake are up to par, and so will your....well you know!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Found this recipe on one of the blogs I'm following. It sounds extra good...I'll be the only one to eat it though, so if someone wants to try it and invite me over......LOL


If titles could be songs, today's would be "A Long Way to the Top."

Today starts week 9 on this crazy lifestyle change. I have lost a total of 17 pounds so far. Todays goals, more water than I drank tis weekend (which was pretty much none! Stupid me no wonder I had a headache.) and to walk those stairs again. I felt like death after the last time, but then I was so awake! I have always struggled with the working out part, but if I can do it while I am here at work, then it isn't so bad. I'm not missing out on time with the family this way. So 148 is the starting point of this week and the  ending point will be 145, at least. I am making that prediction. Lets see if I can hit it!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Oh scale, today you are my friend. 148 and heading back downward!! I took today off to get some running around done so I'm a little late with my post today. I think the stairs are helping me win this thing now. I hate them with a passion BUT they get my heart pumping....and that is what matters. Thanks to my friend for inspiring me to conquer them. My strength excerise today has been moving beds around between my kids bedrooms. Hopefully, they will stay put now. Well the little one anyway. The big one has remained where he's at since day one. And just for that, he gets a fullsize mattress now. Let me tell you, moving 2 twins into a bunkbed and a full sized mattress set and frame around my small house, is not the easiest thing to do. But I can tell it worked my upper body, that's for sure. Well, off to the rest of the day.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mission Stairs-Not Impossible

Ha, I did it! I walked the stairs 2 times in a row. These are those awful stairs that are at work. 784 of them! And to top it off I did them all in under 10 minutes. I think the stopwatch said 7:45. WOOHOO! I felt like death becomes her when I was doen. And my legs had no feeling except a jelly-like sensation. Point is, I set my goal for the day and I hit it. I HIT ANOTHER GOAL!!! So here's what I did. I started on floor 4 (where my office is) and walked to floor 7 (spooky floor 7 that is). Then I walked down to first floor and back up to 7. Then I turned around and walked back to 1 again. At the bottom there I thought, I have this!  At floor 2 I thought "You moron, what are you thinking." At floor 3 I thought, "I could turn off now and hop the elevator to 4." But my soul said "DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF OUT OF THIS VICTORY!" I'm glad that I didn't!

What's this? A Dress!?

So besides my father-in-laws funeral last year, I haven't worn a skirt or dress in a few years. Yesterday, I took the plunge and sported a skirt. At 96 degrees and heat index at 103, I had to do something. Then when I woke up this morning, just getting out of bed made me sweat. I wandered to the closet and pulled out a dress. My mother would faint if she heard that I wore 2 in a row!!! Its hot...and so am I. Well, I like to think so. I feel so good in my skin. Just a few more pounds. Time to kick start. Sorry, honey, but onions are coming back into the house. I will pick up some clothes pins for you to stick on your nose if you don't want to smell them! LOL. The scale will move. The scale will move. The scale will move. Dang you scale...MOVE ALREADY!! I know I'm teetering on the next pound because if I sway just a little to the side on the scale, it drops. Tackeling the stairs today, in this heat, and I will do 2 rounds of all the way up and down.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Change My Approach

I feel like when I am writing these entries, that I am repeating myself. This will be the day, this will be the day....it's NEVER day. I should change my approach. This IS the year! This IS the day! This IS the moment, that I take control of me and my life, and make myself into who I want to be! This is the moment of my life that I can decide. Do I want to stay unhappy and dislike what and who I am? No way! Do I want to change for my kids? Yes, I want to be around for them. Do I want to change for my hubby? Yes, I want to grow old with him and be able to share our golden days. Do I want to do this for my parents and siblings and neices and nephews and everyone that surrounds me? Of course! Not only physically, but mentally. But more important than that, I want to do this for me. I want to feel good in my skin. I want to know I can get up and chase my kids around the backyard. I want to know that I can fall asleep WANTING to wake up the next morning. I want to feel sexier for my husband. I want to be here for my family as a whole. I want to spend time with my friends and not feel insecure! This is the moment! This IS the moment...not this will be. If I say it that way, it will never happen. THIS IS IT! I have to do this to save myself from defeat. I know that sounds dramatized, but its true. So today is the day I take that step. Will someone walk with me?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Man oh man. What a great time I had this weekend. I made HORRIBLE choices though. Between the bag of sour cream and cheddar chips and the beer and the crap food. BUT here's the best part. I DIDN"T GAIN A THING!!!! Not even a half of a pound! So, it was either the heat melting pounds away or my metabolism was hard at work, either way, YIPEE!!!

I am going to have a very hard time excerising this week. Its so hot outside that the air in the building seems to not help! But I will try to conquer the steps anyway. My compliment this weekend came from the daughter of my friend. She is 14 which is why it meant a lot. She took one look at me and said "Bethie, you are gonna look HOT in a bathing suit!" I felt AWESOME! Then she went into her camper and brought outthe same tank I was wearing. It felt amazing......and a little silly, since that showed everyone that I am STILL not over my addiction to the juniors section. LOL! So here we go on week number 7. Lets see where it takes me...hopefully down the scale!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Off I go

So off I go into the weekend again. This weekend we will be spending our time camping with friends and family. Hopefully the only temptation that I have is 1 s'more and a couple of beers. We shall see. Hubby DID remember to pack my turkey and celery so that is a good start. well, I am going to sign off for the weekend as I will not have a computer in the great outdoors. YAY!! And I will report back on Monday morning, hopefully with good news!!!

Fish Fry

Oh scale, why are you standing still? I have been so good this week but 149 is as far as you will go. I know one thing, this weekend is going to be an upset for you. Gearing up for some camping. Hopefully, hubby remembers to pack my turkey burger and veggies. I've got this as long as he remembers the stuff.

I wonder what I would have been at had I not started this change? Would I be way up there. I can't wait to see the look on the LPNs face when I go for my annual in a couple months. By then I WILL have made my goal. There is no doubt in my mind. I CAN DO THIS! The last few pounds are the hardest. I have 14 to go and I need to just work harder.

I felt a little down this morning when I got on the scale. Note to self, only eat 3 pieces of fish fry next time (not 6!). I am suffering from a headache and bloating because of it today. My guess is that is why the scale didn't move. That or the fact that my muscle did some building after yesterday's quest for the top floor and back.  Moral of the story: If it looks like fish frying in oil, and smells like fish frying in oil...STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!!!! Or eat in moderation.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


So, I pushed myself today. Each floor at work has 2 flights of 14 stairs between itself and the next floor. So since I work on 4th floor, today I strolled from 4th to 7th (84 stairs) back down to 1st (168 stairs) back up to 6th (140 stairs) and then back down to 4th (56 stairs). This took me about 6 minutes if I looked at the clock correctly. My eyes are a little buggy now and my legs feel like jelly. But I did it!!! This is a great feeling. Now for tomorrows magic trick, Oh I mean workout, I will try to get the full walk in 2 times. We shall see.


Some people have wondered why I am doing this. Why do I spend my time eating right, and trying to lose weight. I think that there are a couple misconceptions that I need to clear up. First, I am doing this for me! Not for anyone else. Ok well maybe for my family too. I really think that had I not started this wehn I did, that I would never had tried to get healthy again. I want to be able to be around to see my kids grow up (which who knows maybe I would've lived a long time) but I want to be able to enjoy the time I have with them. Second, much to the dismay of most people in the world, I was considered very over weight-not obese but was climbing quickly in the direction. For those who do not believe that ask your doctor what the ideal weight for yourself is. It might surprise you.

For almost a year now, I have been standing in shock of the scale read at my last annual visit. 169.  Yup that's right, 169. I said to my doctor "I've been walking and trying to eat right. What am I doing wrong?" You know what she told me? (Of course you don't haha.) She said that walking is good, but if you want to walk to lose weight, you have to walk a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG way to burn off the calories of an apple. OR she suggested that I start actually watching what I eat. It wasn't so much what I was eating, it was the portion size and the lack of excersize to burn off the extra calories associated with processed foods. I tried and tried to figure out what that all meant. It wasn't until I found this book, that I completely understood what went wrong. It has made me be more aware that my stomach is saying "Stop putting food in, I am full." instead of my brain saying "Yum let's have some more....more....more." It has made me more aware of the food labels and the contents. I don't think my mom ever fed my family a lot of anything that had words we couldn't pronounce easily.  The lifestyle has changed at my house. At least for the most part. I am still trying to reach my husband and get him to change too. He has a little. And my kids still don't like a lot of veggies, but what they get is healthier.

I am getting so close to the end of my goal, that I need to start setting a new goal. That's how I get through things like this. Working out is hard for me. I don't like to wake up early, I don't like to do anything when I get home. So for now, I will use my lunch time to walk those HORRENDOUS stairs. Then when that gets to easy (ha ha) I will move onto more. Heck, I may even add a little Jillian soon. All I know is that I have worked to get my weight down, now I need to start working to tone it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drumroll PLEASE!!!!

I FINALLY DID IT!!! No I didn't reach my goal BUT I hit a milestone! The 140s!! As of this morning I am 149 and I am loving it! Pulled another top out today that hasn't made it over my belly in years. I must say, this is probably the proudest I have been so far on this crazy lifestyle change! I feel like I could have lost 2 pounds instead BUT I splurged last night and had chicken cordon bleu. The most exciting part about that is that I still lost a pound! Then my trainer (or my 6 year old for those who are counting!) and I took the dog for a walk to try to counter-act those carbs. I am really starting to feel like me again. More than I did when I began to see light between my thighs!

I was a little bummed this morning though when I opened the cooler in the work cafeteria to find out that there was NO DIET ARIZON GREEN TEA LEFT!!! I probably did the wrong thing, but I bought the regular. I am so used to the diet that this seems really sweet!

I have been told by my hubby that he is proud of my hard work, but I have now been given a request from him. Unfortunately it doesn't involve him joining me yet. It DOES involve me not cooking with onions anymore. POOP! Onion powder it is from now on.  He is not an onion lover and I am. I use them EVERY day so I can see his issue there. No problem.

So onto r2c1d4! Tonight is another day of pushing myself to be what I can be. As Eminem says (I'm sorry but I love this line) "We'll walk this road together, through the storm, whatever weather cold or warm. Just let'n you know that your not alone, hollar if you feel like you've been down the same road!"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sporting Event Snacks and the diet!

If anyone out there is wondering what would be a better choice when at a sporting event (I'm gearing up for the MI Speeedway Race in August) check out the link below. Gives somewhat good info on this.

17 Day Diet friendly ballpark snacks


Whoever said that taking the stairs would GET easier.....is a LIAR!! I still feel about 100 years old when I get to the top. That aside, I'm glad that I can do the stairs, especially on a rainy day like yesterday. I am feeling a lot better now that I've started over.  While I haven't lost any more weight since yesterdays weigh in, I can start to feel the change again. Its all good. I feel more awake again. I feel like I can get those last few pounds. I feel alive again. A friend commented to me today that she has never seen me so happy. I agree with that statement. I have always been happy with my family but not with myself. I am happy. YAY!

I want to throw a question out there and I really want to get replies. Do you consider the 17 Day Diet a "diet" or a "lifestyle change"? If you haven't read the book, go to http://www.amazon.com/17-Day-Diet-Doctors-Designed/dp/1451648650/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310488025&sr=8-1#_  and read the excerpt from it and then give me a comment back. I'm really interested to see what people think. Everyone reading this blog should know by now what I think.

Monday, July 11, 2011

17 Day Diet and NASCAR!

So, not only did I drop the pounds I gained over the weekend, I also got myself to 150 again! WOO HOO! Not sure if it was all the sweating that I did yesterday...gosh it was (is) hot or the fact that I stuck to it! And that cauliflower pizza was a great way for me to eat my veggies with out eating them raw! It was really a no brainer on that.  So r2c1d2 I am down 3 pounds again. So this is good.

I have to tell you about my excericise for yesterday. There was no Jillian involved BUT I have my own personal trainer working with me. And he's free! Ok, so it may not be his actual profession....ok so maybe its just my 6 year old. BUT he forced me into walking all over the place yesterday. His response when I asked him why..."Because mom, walking is good. It makes your diet work better!" What? He's actually been paying attention to more than the food part! How awesome. So we walked to the store and got him ice cream. We walked up and down the street following his rc truck. We walked to the back of our .63 acre yard and back. We walked up and down the stairs. I WAS WIPED!

Today, I took the stairs from ground floor up to fourth. Meaning 8 flights of 14 stairs each. Hopefully I have enough ambition at lunch to walk the stairs again for a few minutes. I have 15 pounds to lose yet. And a HUGE NASCAR race in August that I want to feel good at and enjoy! So here's to NASCAR and stair walking!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cauliflower Pizza Recipe with Pics

  These 2 yummy pctures are my first attempt at cauliflower pizza crust. I topped with chicken, feta, onions and mozz cheese. YUMMY!!!

So I bet I should put the recipe on here.
1 c. cooked riced cauliflower-
dried as much as possible (I use paper towels and squeezed as much water out as possible.)
1 egg
1 c. mozzerella cheese
Italian Seasoning
Garlic Powder

Heat oven to 450. Combine cauliflower, eg, mozz cheese and herbs. Spray cookie sheet (or spray aluminum foil on cookie sheet). Press mixture into pan. Bake until brown and then if you can flip it and back another 5 minutes or so. Top with sauce and toppings. Place under broiler until cheese is melted. Voila!

Starting over

Yesterday was one of my best friends brithday. WE all went to the beach. IT was great to put on a bathing suit and not feel completely self conciouse. I did feel a little funny though. The problem is, I ate WAY to much. I gained 3 pounds. I was not happy.

Needless to say, I have decided to forgo the rest of cycle 3 (which I think I would be on day 8 today.) and start back over on cycle 1. So today marks r2c1d1. I can't wait. I'm not sure if the weight will fall off like before, but I'm hoping for at least some movement. I was VERY discouraged knowing that it was my fault. I am thinking I wasn't ready for c3. I didn't have myself in check. I was able to have bread again and took WAY to much advantage of that. Plus, chips, popsicles, and other items got brought in that shouldn't have been there. I wasn't excericising enough. I was told to check my calories. I was having WAY to many and not doing enough with those calories.

A couple things that I learned from cycle 3:

If you don't have ENOUGH calories, you will not lose. Starnge isn't it, but true-not enough calories puts your body into starvation mode.

More calories and carbs means you HAVE to up your excerise. If you don't, it is very detrimental to the diet.

Remember, everything in moderation. Just because something is added does not mean you can indulge in it. REmember the hunger meter and stick with what your body says not how good it tastes!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cycle 3 Day 7

Cycle 3....again I hate you. I know this is not your fault but I'm going to blame you first. Then I'm gonna take a look at me and realize that it is my fault. Cycle 3 has made it to easy for me to get lose on my eating habits again. I see that I can eat a serving of bread, I eat it, but then later I eat it again. I guess its time for me to leave the book open again and to find a way to remind myself that I need to be disciplined. I am not saying that I have ballooned out of control, I'm just saying that I haven't lost anything on cycle 3 yet and I am on day 7.

I was not able to excerise this morning as I wanted too. We had a little bit of a strange night compared to normal. But, I have made myself a promise that I will, I will, I will workout tomorrow. I HAVE TOO. Today I took the stairs to floor 3 and rode the elevator to 4. On lunch I will be walking the stairs again. Although, I'm not sure how anyone can do that for 17 minutes, as my friend can, but I will try. It is quite a workout. And then maybe I will see that scale move again.

What kills me is that I am so close to the 140s, that I ache for that scale to move. Just a pound down would be nice, just so I can say I'm 149 and not 150-151 (whatever the scale wants me to be lately).  Today, as a treat to myself, I am taking myself shopping and buying a pair of jeans. And yes, unfortunatley, they will probably be from the juniors section, because for some reason I think I am still a junior. LOL

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Draggin' Butt!

So cycle 3, let me tell you, I was SO excited to get to this point. Now I wish I would've thought ahead a bit more. I can SO feel a difference in my body. Adding the calories has caused my skin to break out again. BUT in order to not discourage those who are not here yet, I have to say this.....I NEED MORE EXCERISE! I can totally feel the effects of more calories and not enough excercise. I feel draggy today, like I did before I started the diet. I know that yesterday I said I was going to fight and get up this morning. But last night was a long night, so unfortunately I stood up Jillian again. Pretty soon she will probably bust through my bedroom door and drag me out by my hair. I Kind of wish she would do that anyway! LOL.

I also have not had yogurt in DAYS. I just spent a dollar to get a little container in the cafeteria. I wonder if that has anything to do with this bouncing back and forth. This morning the scale once again has me at 151. I can't handle this!!! Just kidding. My clothes are looking better everyday. I am on day 6 of cycle 3 and know in order to fix things, I need to add more excercise and get my probiotics going again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Workout...of my snooze button urge!

I was supposed to get up this morning and pop one of my workout dvds in (Jillian Michaels 30 day shred-great workout!). Last night I set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier than normal. I was siked. Gonna work off some of that extra skin and stuff! This morning the alarm went off. I looked at the clock and thought....am I some masochist getting up this early? I got up and sat on the edge of the bed for a second before hitting the snooze button. I laid back down and then it went off again. I showed that alarm clock. I walked right up to it and hit it again! Needless to say, Jillian and I did not have our date as planned. Tomorrow will be the day....I hope.

I've realized that in cycle 3 I really to ramp up the excerise though. I can feel the difference in my body adding more calories but not adding more excercise. As many of you know, excerise and Bethie do not get along well. Oh, we usually have a great relationship at the beginning, but then the pain sets in and I think "Well I better take abreak so I don't strain anything." Next thing you know, there's another dvd collecting dust. This all started before the diet. Pilates, taebo, chair dance (yes I tried this and got whiplash and threw my back out!), buns of steel, Walk yourself fit, and Jillian Michaels. To tell you the truth, Jillian is the only one I've stuck with long enough at any one point. I think this is because (and excuse my french) she scares the hell out of me! I feel like she is going to personally come through the television screen and rip me to shreds if I don't do what she says!

Tomorrow will be the day. I need to fight that snooze button urge and work at this. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Day

Todays word is....PHEW!!!! So that 1.5 pounds that I beat myself up over yesterday is gone again. I want to say thank you to my friends for talking me through that...LOL. Anyway. I am back on track again. Todays lunch is going to be exciting for me. A sandwich!!! Can you believe it? A SANDWICH!! I'm not sure that the slivered ham I have on it is actually kosher for the diet but I figure the lettuce will help with that. Plus, since I'm back at work today, I get to have my diet green tea again! WHOOPIE!!!!

So I smacked myself around yesterday over the whole gain thing. But I'll tell you what, it opened my eyes to how focused i need to stay! I am so close to the goal, I can taste it. I wonder how many others stuggled this weekend. How did they fight the urge?

Today is a new day again....I need to take them one at a time. On a "lighter" note, I did wear a bathing suit this weekend and wasn't all that self concious! I also fit into my 9 shorts for a minute. I say a minute because, while they fit perfectly, I still have that baby roll left that slightly hangs over the top. Almost there!

Todays encouragement comes from all of the friends that said to me yesterday "Stop beating yourself up. 1.5 pounds is nothing compared to what you have lost!" And I say to that, it's also nothing compared to what I have gained....in a self esteem way!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Have It Your Way

So I am just asking "Will power, where were you yesterday?"  Yesterday was day 1 of cycle 3. Weighed in at 150 yesterday morning. Thanks to my will power (or lack thereof), I weighed in at 151.5 this morning!!! This is the first time in a long time that the scale went up. BUT I know why. And it's my own fault....wait, no, I will blame it on my will power. Its all that stupid things fault.....right?

Yesterday was a great day. We took our youngest to the Blue Angels Air Show....went with family and friends. It was a great time...except that since I finally was allowed to have bread, I took it a bit overboard. I had 2....yes 2....sandwiches! What the heck was I thinking. I wasn't, I was doing my old habit of midless eating. I did plenty of walking and drank plenty of water while at the show. I even had my carrots and celery. Then, when we got home, everyone else came home with us. It was a lot of fun. Once again, though, mindless eating. Another sandwich (I know this is soooo not like me lately), and then next thing I know there is a beer in my hand and chips (I HATE plain chips) in my mouth!!! I then proceeded to have a popsicle. Good grief. I am paying for it today. Between the SCREAMING headache and the scale going the wrong way, I'm pretty sure I've learned my lesson. Today is a do-over. I will still count yesterday as day 1, but today will go the way it is supposed to. Lots of veggies, watch my servings. I think today I will use the slogan from Burger King (who I miss dearly....I think) to restart myself. "Have it your way!" My way is the scale moving down.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Under Pressure..

This is the BIG holiday weekend that I have been waiting for....on this diet. I love celebrating Independence Day! Three day weekend and lots of fun, food and friends. But wait, lots of food can be dangerous. As can the beer that usually accompanies the festivities. I've got this though. This weekend I will be surrounded by plenty of people that are also on this "diet" so that should help keep me in check. But just to make sure, I have to go load up on veggies and water bottles.

Today is day 17 of cycle 2!! WOO HOO!!! I love that they end this on a "red meat" day. Plus that means that I won't have to be as restricted on the TYPES of food I eat. Like I said though, I will be surrounded by people on this diet, so I will do my best to eat with their cycle (if that makes sense). This weekend is full of pressures for those of us in the United States. And being a weekend, for everyone! I'm glad I will be under pressure. It will show me where my will power is. Mine better be with me!

Friday, July 1, 2011

There I Am!

For the first time in who knows how long, I just looked in the mirror and saw myself! Wait a minute, you're probably thinking, its a mirror dumbie of course you saw yourself. I understand thats the concept of a mirror. But I saw myself! Me, the girl I was when I felt good about myself. Me, the person that has been hiding inside for years. Me, the one with the real smile and twinkle in her eye! I walked passed the mirror and stopped short. I had to take a look just to be sure that what I saw was really what I saw. It was. Maybe this sounds a little to concieted, I don't know. I saw ME again! I was in awe. Once again a side effect of getting healthier.

Take a look as you go through this adventure. Maybe you will have that "stop in your tracks" moment. Its a great feeling!

Time to shop....sort of.

Yesterday was my bosses last day, so he took the crew out for lunch. I tried to make the best of what was on the menu (and it was a c2 day). I had a burger on rye bread. While it tasted delicious, my tummy did not feel so delicious afterwards. I thought to myself  "Self, you may have thought you did good, but I bet the scale tells you differently in the morning."  But when I got on the scale today.....VICTORY! Down another pound. Now sitting at 150! YIPPEE! Those 140s that seemed so far away at the start are being stared down with my evilest looking eye. I CAN conquer you 140s. Just try to take me on! So far 15 pounds down and 15 to go!

The next step is buying new.......BRAS! WTH?  Sorry if this next paragraph is TMI. No, no, not the boobies! I remember now why gaining weight was ok at one point. My boobs were awesome! Now I will have to call them the incredible shrinking boobs. Well, I can live with that if I am healthy...I GUESS (sarcasm). I still have my......wait...where's my J-Lo butt! Ok, I could deal with the boobs but now your telling me my butt is leaving too? Well, I suppose I can handle that. But PLEASE take my arm fat and double chin too. Oh wait, you are diet! Thank you! So in other words, since I was thinking ahead YEARS ago (or just not wanting to come to terms with my weight) and saved all of my smaller clothes, my jeans should be fine. I did however let the hubby use my old bras for minnow catchers and sling shots (just joking) so I do need to go shop for more, oh and maybe some other undergarments. I can deal with that.