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Monday, June 20, 2011

Recipe Ideas

I forgot. I had a request to put some yummy ideas out here that I have tried. And since its summer, I'll start with my substitute for ice cream. There are 2 that I've found that I like. First is Brownie Batter. I take vanilla flavored yogurt, mix a little cocoa in it and voila you have brownie batter tasting yogurt. Another is Snickerdoodle. Take plain yogurt, mix a little vanilla, cinnamon and 1 pkt of sweetener and *BOOM* snickerdoodles! YUMMY

Another goodie for at night is Cauliflower Popcorn. All my friends know I am hooked on this. Turn the oven onto 425. Take some cauliflower that is about popcorn size (after its popped). Toss it with olive oil & salt. And roast it until its brown. YUMMO!

Garlic Bread-Take some eggplant slices, put them on a greased baking sheet. Bruch some olive oil, and chopped garlic on each slice and top with fat free parmesan. MMMMMM

Really if you just start experimenting you can find all sorts of ways to liven up your food. Especially since c1 is hard to get through sometimes. Try these. They are delish!


  1. The cauliflower popcorn is so yummy! :)
    And here is a yummy recipe for cauliflower pizza-I used fat free cheese and left out some spices but it hit the spot for pizza.The kids even liked it!


  2. Ohh added lean turkey as a topping :)

  3. Yummy,. I'll def have to try that this weekend!