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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Is That Light I See?

It is light! I just stood in front the mirror at work and thought there was something on the leg of my pants. I went to swat it off and realized....IT IS THE LIGHT showing between my thighs!! I haven't seen light between my thighs in years! So I leaned into the mirror to get a closer look (but bumped my head). Then I was so excited (and don't laugh to hard at this) that I put my hand in the space. It fit! I peeked behind me and sure enough there were my fingers!! Then the bathroom door opened and another lady walked in and looked at me mighty weird. So I said, "I just saw the light between my legs for the first time in years!" And she was happy for me too! So yes, it was a weird bathroom party but exciting all at the same time! Yay for the light!!!

Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce!

I was so excited this morning when I looked at the scale and it said 150....and then my other foot settled onto the scale and still 151. Poop. BUT I must be close to 150...at least in my mind. So my thought on the pattern is bunk. Oh well. I will survive. I reminded myself that at the end of the last cycle, weight loss became stagnant and Saturday is day 17 on cycle 2.

Last night was another rendevous with the horseshoers. And now myself and a couple of the other girls walk while the guys are playing. We get about a mile in eachtime. My son standing at each end of the park as we walk by cheering us on. "I'll see you over there! Keep it up guys!" My friends daughter was not shy to say "My mom has lost 7 pounds." But when I asked "Isn't that great?" She responded with "I suppose." It's funny what excites us when we get older...weight loss! LOL

I also discovered today that what I thought I liked and disliked was not even right! My whole life I thought I loved peaches! So, I finally got some the other day, took a bite this morning and was not as excited as I thought I would be. But then again, I bought eggplant, even though I thought I hated it, and I loved it! Maybe it's because my body is cleansed of preservatives so now my tastebuds are completely changed. Unfortunately though, my taste for chocolate has not changed! :-)

A new recipe, that really isn't a recipe, and I have not tried it yet. My friend and I were talking during our walk. How can we have ice cream with chocolate on it (see chocolate again!). What we decided is when we get vanilla yogurt next, we will put it in the freezer till it is scoopable like ice cream. Then take a little cocoa, sweetener and water to make the chocolate sauce. According to our calculations (sorry about the geek term) we should be well inside what is allowed for all cycles! YEAH!!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Linking up to others

So the point of my blog was originally for me to get my emotions out while struggling through this diet. Writing is my way of getting it out without yelling and screaming. LOL But I am noticing more and more that I am helping others as well. Which come to think of it was my original idea just expanded; help myself, help others. Makes sense. Because of that I want to draw attention to the blogs that I have started following. I know they are listed to the side here, but they all deserve recognition. First is Blah Blah Blah - this one is being written by my Step-son's mom, who is one of my closests friends. She is an RN who is struggling through this too. I know, but healthcare providers struggle too. The next is My adventure to a healthy lifestyle. Also written by friend. It is tracking her and her husbands challenges through the diet. They have conquered amazing feats together and this diet is adding another one to that list. Third is Healthy in a Small Town. This is written by a longtime friend of mine. Its all about eating healthy and on a budget. Tons of recipes that may or may not be good for the cycle you are on, but will be down the road. Go ahead and check these out! And if you find any others that have helped you or that you enjoy reading, please let me know! These are all helpful to me to keep my chin up. Its good to know there are others in this world who are like us, choosing to change our lives. Good luck!

A Pattern for cycle 2?

Ok, I was just looking through my stats for cycle 2. I would like some feedback PLEASE! I've noticed this simple pattern. Every 3rd day I'm down another pound. If this is correct then tomorrow I will post that I am at 150. Lets see what happens! Anyone else on cycle 2 seeing a pattern or is it just me over analyzing?


Ok, so I know that there are tons of fruits that one can eat on this diet. But this was a new one for me. My girlfriend called me last night on her way home from the grocery store. She said she was thinking of me in the produce aisle (sweet I know!) All the berries were there. Then she told me about these apples she bought, or should I say Grapples! I have NEVER heard of these. She says they smell like grapes and taste like apples. What will they think of next? I have GOT to try these.

Anyway, I have no scale news but I did have a slip up yesterday. Mind you it was small but my body was not happy after. My boss is retiring this week, so the first office party since I started the diet was yesterday. I ATE A SLICE OF CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was small and it really didn't taste all that great but for some reason I had to eat the WHOLE piece!!! I was devestated! How could I have done that. I had been so strong through all of this. I know how. It was those sweet ladies I work with. "I'm diebetic and I am going to have one. Just one won't hurt!"  Oh boy were they wrong. It hurt alright! My body made me pay out (if you get my jist). Just another reminder to myself that the junk needs to stay out or it will find its way out! And it made me stay away from the cookies and bean dip and all the other STUFF.

Keep my chin up and the weight will fall off. I think that will be my slogan for the day.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Every few weeks or days (which would be better), I try to make sure I have some quiet time. A time to myself to push through my thoughts and feelings on life and where I am. And I don't mean quiet time like sitting in front of the tv, I mean quiet so you can hear a pin drop! I need that time. It keeps me sane. And i think everyone should take a little time for that, even if its only a couple minutes. For me, I take an hour or so. Working full time, and raising a family, I should take more time than that, but who can fit in more than that! LOL Anyway, so last night after dinner, I took a few minutes (cause we were kidless) and looked back on my mindset on this diet. Raise your hand if you thought this diet would help you lose weight (mine is up), raise your hand if you thought this diet would fit you in smaller jeans (my hand is up again). Raise your hand if you thought this diet would rearrange your mindset on life (cue the crickets for me) Raise your hand if you thought your chin would be raised more as the diet went along (ting goes the pin in the background). WOW! I really thought of this diet as a lose weight, look good kind of thing. I really never thought it would change my entire outlook! I really never thought my taste buds would change. I'm not saying I don't crave anything (this weeks craving has been Chinese food-I'm to lazy to figure how to make it in a diet form-any ideas would be great!). I'm really not saying that I haven't fallen on face during this process. But I am saying that I can now tell the difference when I eat something that I probably shouldn't have and when I eat the good stuff. Ever notice when you eat chips, you just keep on eating? EMPTY CARBS MAKE AN EMPTY TUMMY! Veggies are taking the place of that, etc. So take some time out today to reflect on yourself and how far you have come, or to see where you want to be and make those goals. And lay off the chips, not for me but for your hearts sake!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Poor Veggies

The scale HAS to be lying....today it said 151! And I had to yank my jeans up the whole walk in to work this morning! Why do I think the scale is lying? Because yesterday was, what I call, a red meat day (or in 17dd terms, a c2 day.) We had ribs on the grill with baked potatos. It was AWESOME! I thought, there is no way after eating this for dinner that I am going to get on the scale and see any movement. In fact, I even thought about not getting on. But as I've said before, I am scale obsessed. I can't help it. Its one of my newest addictions. I guess that out of everything one could be addicted too, getting on the scale is not so bad. I am also now addicted to my Arizona Diet Green Tea. So much so that this weekend, when I don['t get to have it, I could taste it! So for those struggling with the green tea, definitely see if you can find the Diet Arizona. It's EXTREMELY good.

This weekend was full of things to do. Which was also a concern of mine. While I didn't give in to the temptations of candy or festival food, I did skimp on my veggies. My water intake was fine though. But boy, yesterday, I could tell by dinner time that I had not eaten enough veggies or fruits. I had this little headache from lack of "sugar" that I haven't had yet on this diet. That's when I realized I had forgotten to bring those buggers with me. My youngest and I went to meet our newest family member, my sister and her husbands 2nd child. In the excitement to remember the camera, the poor veggies got forgotten on the counter. Oh well. I'm back on track for today!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mornings and Lemon Water

The title in itself describes 2 things that, before I started this diet, I hated! While I am still not totally in love with either, we are on speaking terms. But I guess that if I now get out of bed when the alarm actually goes off the first time, that tells me that my body is regaining energy. Just one more great side effect of this diet.

More proof for me comes in the form of the outdoors. Now that is where my family lives (basically). I live with all boys remember. So, yesterday (after fighting the grocery store lines) my husband and I went into the far corner of our yard, where we have 2 fruit trees, a mullberry and a cherry. We spent a good couple hours picking fruit! And while those are great trees to get my fruit servings, they are also great for homemade wine! So after picking, came the squishing again. I will be so happy by the end of the year when I can have wine in moderation and the stuff we made is ready to drink!

Ok, I got sidetracked, sorry! This morng I feel very proud of myself. I had turkey hot dogs with no bun for dinner. I took my 6 year old for Wendy's after grocery shopping and didn't even take a bite of his chicken nuggets! I had a few beers last night. BUT the scale actually went down 1/2 a pound. But I don't count halves cause of the type of scale I have. I have mde it through day 1 of the weekend without cheating! Today I get to go meet my new nephew so today should be a breeze! I hope!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Alright, lets get the dirty work out of the way. Saturday morning, no weight change. No problem though, look hot in the mirror. In fact last night I took some jammies out that I haven't fit into properly in years! So much so that my 6 year old asked if they were new! So that is fun!

Weekends are so hard though. BBQs and beer, wine and bon fires, and this weekend is our village festival! Which means deep fried anything and gyros! So how do I combat all of this. I pull up my big girl pants tight, like my old boss used to say, and try hard. I started out today with some fake french toast (which is just scarmbled eggs with vanilla, cinnamon, 1 pkg of sweetener and a little nutmeg) to get the sweet tooth under wraps. My hands will be full. I will keep a bottle of water in one hand and my son in the other. When we pass the hot dog stand, I will resist. Gyros, no thank you. Deep fried oreos, I think not! Until we hit the cotton candy. Then I might have a problem. That's where my diet police officer will tell me "Don't mom, it's not on your diet!"

I know its going to be rough. I will allow a beer or 2 this weekend. As long as I chase it with a ton of water to counter act it! I have the willpower. I wouldn't have made it this far if I didn't. I just have to use it and have faith in my own judgement.

Going to go through the jeans this weekend and try to shun all of those 13s. We shall see what happens. Good luck this weekend! But mostly, enjoy your new found self control!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Ok, I'm typing this while I can't breath! Well, I can breath but I am panting type breathing. I just pushed myself. Ran from garden floor to fourth floor. Ok, ran from garden floor to 2nd floor, then walked fast to 3rd floor and then used the railing to pull myself to 4th floor. Point is, no elevator this morning! I made the decision while walking my 5 minutes from the car to the building that I was running up the stairs. Then I made the decision about half way up that if I wanted to LIVE to see 4th floor, I'd better slow it down. I am pretty darn proud of myself though. This was all stemming from stepping on the scale today, being day 27 of the diet and day 9 of cycle 2, and finding that, once again, I have nudge the scale down a pound! So now I weigh what I did when I was 5 months pregnant 7 years ago! Only 17 pounds to go!!! That is a great feeling.

I was trying to find clothes in the dark this morning, and pulled a pair of jeans out. While pulling them on I thought, man these are tight. Whats the deal? So after zipping and buttoning, I woke my poor husband up and pulled the tag out and said, "What does this say?" He says "Um SO?" I said "Not the brand, the size." He says, "Um 6" My heart stopped and then he said "No wait 9." I turned around with this evil smile on my face (which I think scared him). I had just pulled on a 9 without jumping around the room and was able to button and zip them without sucking my tummy in to my brains! Then I realized that my muffin top was showing and I was really having a hard time breathing comfortably, so I took them off. The point is, I did it! So out came the 13s I'm normalling wearing and the belt goes down ANOTHER HOLE!!!

The point that I'm trying to make is to keep breathing. When the scale stops, keep breathing it will move again. When life throws crazy things at you, keep breathing, you will get through. When you're happy beyond belief or sad to the bottom of a pit, KEEP BREATHING! Your life happens the way its supposed, but unless you keep breathing, you will never know where it will take you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Royal Treatment

Once upon a time there was a queen. This queen thought that her kingdom was perfect. She had a roof over her head, 2 strapping princes and a handsome and loving king. She even had a garden that she could wonder through at her pleasing. The only thing that wasn't perfect in her eyes was herself. The king tried to tell her that she was beautiful. The princes tried to tell her she was wonderful. And the other queens that she was around tried to tell her she was fine the way she was. But everyday, when the queen looked in the mirror, the mirror would remind her of how she had let herself go. So one day the queen just stopped caring about herself. She started wearing rags, and not giving any effort to make herself presentable. Three years into this life she decided that she wanted more, but couldn't jump the hurdle to get motivated. She went to the royal doctor and was put on antidepressants. Then she started to see her worth again. She finally took that step and started moving towards what she thought she was meant to be. And stumbled, fell flat, cried and screamed, fought herself, ignored the words from her family. She was a loser, she wasnt' going to be able to change. Her sister from the royal land of Wyoming was at her palace one day and presented her with an idea. Try this diet with me, Look how it has helped me!

Ok so maybe that was a little over the top. BUT it explains in short how I felt for a long time. This diet has been so life changing for me. Yes, the weight loss is great, but my self esteem has sky rocketed! Not to the point where I think my farts don't smell. But to the point that I want to wear cute clothes again. I'll walk out of the house in shorts now! Heck I even wore a bathing suit this year already! I'm also wanting to get my nails done and treat myself to girly things. Yes, the diet is helping me lose weight but in the process it is bringing my spirits up. Good luck today. And know this, d7c2 and I just pulled my belt one MORE hole tighter without the scale moving! The change is great!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Involvement

Ever wonder how you are going to go and do something huge all by yourself? Well, let me tell you, I thought that way until I realized that I'm not alone in this! Obviously I know my faith helps me through everything, but some people are not lucky enough to have that. My other backbone, my family and friends. They may not know that they sometimes try to tempt me, but for the most part they are supportive.

Take my 6 year old. Everytime we go some where, he is making sure that what we are buying is on my diet. Like chips, "Is this on your diet?" No honey its not, but do you want it?" "No not if you can't." So nice to have that.

Or my hubby calling me at work. "I took fish out. I'm gonna bake yours and fry ours. You can have baked fish right?" Just the fact that they are taking that extra thought for me and this diet is amazing! And then how proud they are. I remember a few years back, I was trying to lose weight. My youngest, who was 3 at the time, told me "I don't want you to lose weight. Mommies aren't skinny!" Now I get a daily "Mom you look beautiful!" And from the oldest I get "I don't know how you can stay on that? I'd be hungry all the time." And I think, yes my human garbage disposal, yes you would be! LOL

Or my mom and I having our morning phone call and she telling me "Good morning skinny beautiful!" It makes me remember how much my mom supported me in everything I wanted to do when I was younger and wouldn't let me give up very easily.

It may take a lot of will power to get through this, BUT with all the support I've been getting lately, I know I can do this. Only 18 pounds to go! I still can't believe that I started 30 pounds out and am already to 18 left! AMAZING!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another Day

So, getting on the scale this morning took some motivating. I wasn't going to weigh, but as my friend Melissa says I am scale obsessed! (She started a blog about her weight loss too! Melissabaird77.blogspot.com) But I did it anyway. I am so glad that I did! That hump I've been scaling for 5 days now....I jumped it! Only a pound BUT 153 is WAY better than 154 (or 165 for that matter). I have to remember to take this one day at a time. I upped my veggies yesterday and I think I have found my problem.

Some of the veggies that I've been eating are not doing my body good. So my point for today is find the veggies that keep you regular (or at least more regular). I've found that when I add more onions to my food, I lose the weight. The days prior to yesterday, I was not eating as many, at least since Cycle 2 began. I also realized that I was eating enough probiotic. I counted up the number of servings I had for the previous days...probably 1 a day. Yesterday I had the 2. I also remembered that when I drink Green Tea I have to make up for the negative in my water. On cup of Green Tea needs an extra 8 ozs of water at least.

Anyway, today is a new day. I need to be thankful for this body, mind and soul that I have been graciously given. Now that I am taking better care of it, it is rewarding me. My skin has cleared up remarkably (yes at 32 I have slight acne.) My teeth are feeling healthier. My hair is shiney again, like when I was younger! And HEY there's that bellybutton ring I got so many years ago. I knew it was in that roll somewhere! LOL

Good luck today, and try not to get to scale obsessed but pay more attention to the way your clothes fit. You will see a difference!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Recipe Ideas

I forgot. I had a request to put some yummy ideas out here that I have tried. And since its summer, I'll start with my substitute for ice cream. There are 2 that I've found that I like. First is Brownie Batter. I take vanilla flavored yogurt, mix a little cocoa in it and voila you have brownie batter tasting yogurt. Another is Snickerdoodle. Take plain yogurt, mix a little vanilla, cinnamon and 1 pkt of sweetener and *BOOM* snickerdoodles! YUMMY

Another goodie for at night is Cauliflower Popcorn. All my friends know I am hooked on this. Turn the oven onto 425. Take some cauliflower that is about popcorn size (after its popped). Toss it with olive oil & salt. And roast it until its brown. YUMMO!

Garlic Bread-Take some eggplant slices, put them on a greased baking sheet. Bruch some olive oil, and chopped garlic on each slice and top with fat free parmesan. MMMMMM

Really if you just start experimenting you can find all sorts of ways to liven up your food. Especially since c1 is hard to get through sometimes. Try these. They are delish!


I think I need to put a little something out there today. Not just for anybody reading this, but for myself as well. The scale is still at 154. BUT at least it isn't at 165 anymore!

When people try to get you down or sabatoge your will power, fight it! Everyone will try to get you to break down whether they realize it or not. Case and point, my loving husband last night. Mmmmm they had garlic bread with dinner. I, of course did not and didn't have any eggplant to make fake garlic bread. But my husband trying to keep me sane through my craving was like the snake was to Eve. No I'm not saying he is satan, but the words that came out of his mouth were VERY tempting. "Just have a little bite. A little bite won't hurt you." I gussied up all I could and said no thank you. And then came this.... wave a bit of the smell my way, take a big bite and moaned through the whole chewing process. I have never jumped at my husband (except on our honeymoon) the way I did at that moment. I took that garlic bread out of his hand....and then delicately took a small bite. GUESS WHAT! IT WAS AWFUL!!! I had to hurry up and chew it so I could swallow it. Never have I had a dislike for garlic bread. It was a  staple in my previous eating habits! So just remember that when people try to sabatoge you, DON'T GIVE IN!!!! It isn't worth it.

So, since the scale has halted, maybe you are thinking, why bother. The reason I'm keeping at this, my jeans are fitting so nicely. And I put on a shirt this weekend that I refused to wear before (because I looked preggo in it!) I must say (as does hubby), I looked HOT! It felt so great to walk around. The flab is going away. So even when the scale stand still, your body is not. Its rearranging. That what I like to call it anyway. My J-Lo butt may be getting smaller but I feel like "One hot mama!"

I do have a request though. If you want any ideas or have a question for me please just ask. Nothing for me in this travel is off limits to talk about. So please don't hesitate!! Good luck!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mind Control

I had to make that my title. Thats what my youngest just told me I had to have with my diet. Mind Control! Makes sense! In order to stick to this I need mind control.....because my body says I have to have a piece of candy but my mind says no.

Anyway. Went strawberry picking yesterday with a friend and our little kids. That was a trip! The kids had more fun picking and eating. And we got an awesome deal on strawberries! So we were both pretty happy with that.

Ok so I'll go to the scale news. There is none for today. But that's cause yesterday was an activate day, and we had steak and potatos on the grill. Plus, I know i didn't eat enough veggies, at least not as many as I eat during the week.  Like I said in another post though, weekends are HARD!!! There is no structure to the weekend. Whereas, during the week, I have specific breaks and lunches. So, todays resolution is to concentrate on making my weekends count. At least I didn't eat a ton of pizza like I did on the first weekend of cycle 1, I can still bounce back from this oops. AND I still have today to reform myself.

So off I go to celebrate fathers day with my kids and hubby. And hopefully he will pick chicken for today so that I don't have to make 2 meals!!! LOL Back onto accelerate for today.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another one bites the dust!

Not much to write for this morning. I did a strange thing yesterday. When I got home from work I weighed myself again. The best part is that I weighed the exact same as I did in the morning!!! 155! Crazy!

This morning I am another pound down. Thank the Lord!!! 154. That means that in 20 days I have lost 11 pounds! Pretty good considering I usually would've given up by now! Only 19 lbs to go! This diet is AWESOME!!!!! Today will be a challenge though because it is Saturday. Used to be pizza night. Saturdays are always mourned by my body now. I think I might try to make the turkey crust pizza tonight.

On another note, we may have another friend of mine starting this awesome change!! I'm so excited for her!

Friday, June 17, 2011


Ok so I know I just posted for today, but I had to share my funny for the day. I just went potty for the 5th time today (and its only 9:50am). When I walked into the stall, I just pulled down my pants. Why is this funny you say? Because, I didn't even unbutton or unzip! THEY JUST SLID RIGHT DOWN with a tiny yank! Ok so if this is TMI for some I'm sorry, but I thought it was hilarious. Guess I better move to the next size jeans!


So I got to eat my venison last night and let me tell you....IT WAS AWESOME! Its crazy how good certain foods taste after you've been sworn off them for awhile! YUMMY! It was so good.....I had seconds. And there is my downfall! I know it says generous helping of meat...I don't think Dr. Mike meant what ended up on my plate though! OOPS.

Well today is d2c2. Got on the scale--WTH? It still says 155!!!!!! Ok, get off the scale reset it again, lean a little to the left...ok a little to the right...NOPE STILL 155!!!! But today is also back to c1 meals. Then tomorow it will be back to c2 again. I have a feeling that this will work. Switching up the meal types, its got to confuse my metabolism (it confuses me so much that the book remains open on the counter!) It has to! I do have to keep this in perspective. I have lost 10 pounds already when at this point I would be back to eating everything in sight and be back up to 168, which is what my highest weight has been. So thinking that I can see the 140s getting closer, I just need to stick to this.

Eggs, with feta cheese and onion powder for breakfast. Salad for lunch with chicken on it. Not sure what for dinner yet. But I do know that this weekend, I will fight through those cravings. I will not drink a single beer, I will not take a bite of Chase's ice cream, I WILL CONQUER MY CRAVINGS! (hopefully) I also have a better handeling on how much food I really need to buy. Since I emptied 2 containers of diced onions into one this morning and it all needs to be tossed cause it doesn't smell like onions anymore! LOL And the spinich I bought for good greens, that is awfully funny looking this morning. So my shopping list will not consist of that anymore. Maybe a couple frozen packs. And squash! OH how I love squash. And I get to eat it everyother day now! Oh how c2 is wonderful! Vension and squash. I am set!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cycle 2 begins!

So I woke up this morning SO excited that it was the start of cycle 2. Jumped on the scale...still 155. Ok I can deal with that. Then I was so excited for breakfast....that is until I read the menu options for breakfast. WHAT! I can't make a baked potato and then fry them BEFORE work! So I settled for good old fashioned scrambled eggs. With some seasoning of course. I read over the chapter again...and again. I really only see one change for today, well besides that I get to have venison for dinner! For that change I get to add natural starches. What the heck are natural starches? So I read the chapter AGAIN, and paid closer attention to the food list. So I decided to take some CORN for lunch. Its sad when corn is the exciting part of my day. BUT its something new that I haven't had in a while and I get to have a potato with dinner. There, 2 starches for the day covered. So maybe cycle 2 won't be so bad after the weekend when I have time to premake lunches and breakfasts.

Last night was spent staring at men - yes fun I know EXCEPT they were mostly stinky old men (except for my HOT hubby-ok I'm partial there)-and they were all playing horseshoes. I also spent time building up a friend who is wanting to start this diet. She's been putting it off and will start Monday! WOO HOO for her! I'm beginning to fell like I should be a paid spokeswoman for this diet. My friend down the road and her husband are starting today...I hope! Its great to see the effect that I am having on people. Now those people have to start helping me stay motivated too! LOL I just keep looking at that bikini hanging on the door, and thinking "Yes kids I will be the embarrassing mom on the beach in the swimsuit that is way to YOUNG for her. Deal with it!"

So anyway. Here goes cycle 2. Hopefully a few more pounds will be lost! And I won't be jumping aroundt he bedroom to put on those size 11 jeans and those size 9 jeans will make it past my thighs soon! Here's to my jeans I didn't throw away JUST IN CASE I needed them again!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 17

Ok so I am starting this blog a little late. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Bethanie. I am 32-yikes-and am a happily married woman with 2 children. I was blessed to have a ready made family when I married my husband. My oldest (step)son is 16. Then we have 1 son together who is 6. I work full time.
When I started the 17 day diet on 5/30/11 (the day before our 8th anniversary), I weighed 165.  I was NOT happy with myself. How did I get here? What the heck was I doing? So I took some advise from my sister-in-law who has had a TON of success and started the diet. I was skeptical at first. LOTS of veggies! BUT on day 3 when I stepped on the scale and noticed the little line had moved down 4 lbs, I was so excited. So, off the weight went. A couple of set backs. Day 5 down 6 lbs! Day 12 down 8 lbs! BUT yesterday morning, day 16, I got on the scale as I usually do and it said I was 10 pounds lighter! I literally got off the scale and stepped back on it just to double check that  I wasn't seeing things! Low and behold I could shorten the belt up AGAIN! SO now today is day 17 and tomorrow I will celebrate cycle 2 with some Venison! This is working!!! For once the weight is leaving and I haven't seen it back yet!! HOPEFULLY-this makes me change the way I have been looking at food and keep that pizza to a minimum.