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Monday, June 20, 2011


I think I need to put a little something out there today. Not just for anybody reading this, but for myself as well. The scale is still at 154. BUT at least it isn't at 165 anymore!

When people try to get you down or sabatoge your will power, fight it! Everyone will try to get you to break down whether they realize it or not. Case and point, my loving husband last night. Mmmmm they had garlic bread with dinner. I, of course did not and didn't have any eggplant to make fake garlic bread. But my husband trying to keep me sane through my craving was like the snake was to Eve. No I'm not saying he is satan, but the words that came out of his mouth were VERY tempting. "Just have a little bite. A little bite won't hurt you." I gussied up all I could and said no thank you. And then came this.... wave a bit of the smell my way, take a big bite and moaned through the whole chewing process. I have never jumped at my husband (except on our honeymoon) the way I did at that moment. I took that garlic bread out of his hand....and then delicately took a small bite. GUESS WHAT! IT WAS AWFUL!!! I had to hurry up and chew it so I could swallow it. Never have I had a dislike for garlic bread. It was a  staple in my previous eating habits! So just remember that when people try to sabatoge you, DON'T GIVE IN!!!! It isn't worth it.

So, since the scale has halted, maybe you are thinking, why bother. The reason I'm keeping at this, my jeans are fitting so nicely. And I put on a shirt this weekend that I refused to wear before (because I looked preggo in it!) I must say (as does hubby), I looked HOT! It felt so great to walk around. The flab is going away. So even when the scale stand still, your body is not. Its rearranging. That what I like to call it anyway. My J-Lo butt may be getting smaller but I feel like "One hot mama!"

I do have a request though. If you want any ideas or have a question for me please just ask. Nothing for me in this travel is off limits to talk about. So please don't hesitate!! Good luck!


  1. Ur doing great and u look aweasone! Keep up the good work.I read that inches come off more then pounds in cycle two.and way to go on the temptation! I guess its eggplants garlic bread from now on.I'm only on day 4 and I'm not craving potato chips at night. I had the " French toast" for breakfast it was really yunmy! Thanks.

  2. Your blogging is so inspirational...I'll be starting one too! I'm so proud of you!

  3. Thanks girls! Both of you have been so encouraging to me. I'm glad to have you girls!