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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I forgot about that!

So this morning, down a little bit more. Yay me! Would have been more but the darn beer called to me last night after the death of a pet. Any way.

I was looking through the 17 Day Diet book again last night. Making the grocery list for today. I stumbled upon some recipes that I had found online for the diet. One was popcorn...yes popcorn. CAULIFLOWER popcorn. I forgot about that! I loved that when I was on this the first time.....so why didn't I continue eating it instead of regular popcorn. hmmm good question. Then the Chicken Wraps caught my eye. WTH! I forgot about that too! That was my favorite lunch! Why did I go back to the tortilla wraps then if all I needed was lettuce. Hmm, another good question. Then came the Eggpant Parm....yummo. I forgot about that! Used it to replace that yummy garlic bread. Why did I go back to the garlic bread? Another good question. After awhile it dawned on me....my biggest problem with my weight. I am carb sensative. That means that I crave carbs ALL the time. Bagels, chips, bread of any kind, noodles, mashed potatos. Yes, these are fine in moderation.... I took moderation to a WHOLE new level though. I ate the whole foot wide bagel, the whole leftover pot of egg noodles, rice, forget about it, I ate the bag.....Bread, I would just grab a piece throw some butter on it, then another and another and quite possibly the whole loaf would be gone in no time. And that my friends is why I reverted so easily. To eat better, it takes a little more work then just throwing something in the oven. But here's the trick that I am going with from now on. I buy all the veggies that I know I need. When I get home, immediately I cut it up and put them into baggies so that I can grab them in the morning for work. I have found the recipes to take the place of the demon foods, and have made a concious decsion to use them. It is hard. The whole lifestyle change is hard. But only because the ease of processed foods had taken over. If I had always been a veggie, homemade food person, this change porbably wouldn't be so hard on me. Are you carb sensative? Do you crave sugary stuff all the time? Do you crave breads and eat them more than you should? If you answered yet, try the small step of elimintaing them for a couple days. See what happens. You will most likely NOT be disappointed....angry a little yes, but disappointed, no.

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