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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce!

I was so excited this morning when I looked at the scale and it said 150....and then my other foot settled onto the scale and still 151. Poop. BUT I must be close to 150...at least in my mind. So my thought on the pattern is bunk. Oh well. I will survive. I reminded myself that at the end of the last cycle, weight loss became stagnant and Saturday is day 17 on cycle 2.

Last night was another rendevous with the horseshoers. And now myself and a couple of the other girls walk while the guys are playing. We get about a mile in eachtime. My son standing at each end of the park as we walk by cheering us on. "I'll see you over there! Keep it up guys!" My friends daughter was not shy to say "My mom has lost 7 pounds." But when I asked "Isn't that great?" She responded with "I suppose." It's funny what excites us when we get older...weight loss! LOL

I also discovered today that what I thought I liked and disliked was not even right! My whole life I thought I loved peaches! So, I finally got some the other day, took a bite this morning and was not as excited as I thought I would be. But then again, I bought eggplant, even though I thought I hated it, and I loved it! Maybe it's because my body is cleansed of preservatives so now my tastebuds are completely changed. Unfortunately though, my taste for chocolate has not changed! :-)

A new recipe, that really isn't a recipe, and I have not tried it yet. My friend and I were talking during our walk. How can we have ice cream with chocolate on it (see chocolate again!). What we decided is when we get vanilla yogurt next, we will put it in the freezer till it is scoopable like ice cream. Then take a little cocoa, sweetener and water to make the chocolate sauce. According to our calculations (sorry about the geek term) we should be well inside what is allowed for all cycles! YEAH!!!!


  1. There is frozen yogurt that Meijer sells and it is a Probiotic! They sell it in Vanilla and in Chocolate. Also, Smuckers now has some toppings that are in fact sugar free therefore lower cal. It is AWESOME! I'm sure the frozen yogurt is a little higher in calories than the regular yogurt, but it still makes the "list" of allowables for me!!

  2. WOW! See I am so glad you told me about this die.t You have a lot of insider ideas!!! Adding this to my shopping list as I type!