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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mind Control

I had to make that my title. Thats what my youngest just told me I had to have with my diet. Mind Control! Makes sense! In order to stick to this I need mind control.....because my body says I have to have a piece of candy but my mind says no.

Anyway. Went strawberry picking yesterday with a friend and our little kids. That was a trip! The kids had more fun picking and eating. And we got an awesome deal on strawberries! So we were both pretty happy with that.

Ok so I'll go to the scale news. There is none for today. But that's cause yesterday was an activate day, and we had steak and potatos on the grill. Plus, I know i didn't eat enough veggies, at least not as many as I eat during the week.  Like I said in another post though, weekends are HARD!!! There is no structure to the weekend. Whereas, during the week, I have specific breaks and lunches. So, todays resolution is to concentrate on making my weekends count. At least I didn't eat a ton of pizza like I did on the first weekend of cycle 1, I can still bounce back from this oops. AND I still have today to reform myself.

So off I go to celebrate fathers day with my kids and hubby. And hopefully he will pick chicken for today so that I don't have to make 2 meals!!! LOL Back onto accelerate for today.


  1. I'm starting today...160 so lets see how it goes :)

  2. Good luck!!! If I can do this you can too!