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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Every few weeks or days (which would be better), I try to make sure I have some quiet time. A time to myself to push through my thoughts and feelings on life and where I am. And I don't mean quiet time like sitting in front of the tv, I mean quiet so you can hear a pin drop! I need that time. It keeps me sane. And i think everyone should take a little time for that, even if its only a couple minutes. For me, I take an hour or so. Working full time, and raising a family, I should take more time than that, but who can fit in more than that! LOL Anyway, so last night after dinner, I took a few minutes (cause we were kidless) and looked back on my mindset on this diet. Raise your hand if you thought this diet would help you lose weight (mine is up), raise your hand if you thought this diet would fit you in smaller jeans (my hand is up again). Raise your hand if you thought this diet would rearrange your mindset on life (cue the crickets for me) Raise your hand if you thought your chin would be raised more as the diet went along (ting goes the pin in the background). WOW! I really thought of this diet as a lose weight, look good kind of thing. I really never thought it would change my entire outlook! I really never thought my taste buds would change. I'm not saying I don't crave anything (this weeks craving has been Chinese food-I'm to lazy to figure how to make it in a diet form-any ideas would be great!). I'm really not saying that I haven't fallen on face during this process. But I am saying that I can now tell the difference when I eat something that I probably shouldn't have and when I eat the good stuff. Ever notice when you eat chips, you just keep on eating? EMPTY CARBS MAKE AN EMPTY TUMMY! Veggies are taking the place of that, etc. So take some time out today to reflect on yourself and how far you have come, or to see where you want to be and make those goals. And lay off the chips, not for me but for your hearts sake!


  1. It can change your life! I told Isaac that I was hoping that I could be a good influence to living a healthy life style. By the way, those before and after pictures are AMAZING!

  2. well you have influenced me and so many through me! So good job!