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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Family Involvement

Ever wonder how you are going to go and do something huge all by yourself? Well, let me tell you, I thought that way until I realized that I'm not alone in this! Obviously I know my faith helps me through everything, but some people are not lucky enough to have that. My other backbone, my family and friends. They may not know that they sometimes try to tempt me, but for the most part they are supportive.

Take my 6 year old. Everytime we go some where, he is making sure that what we are buying is on my diet. Like chips, "Is this on your diet?" No honey its not, but do you want it?" "No not if you can't." So nice to have that.

Or my hubby calling me at work. "I took fish out. I'm gonna bake yours and fry ours. You can have baked fish right?" Just the fact that they are taking that extra thought for me and this diet is amazing! And then how proud they are. I remember a few years back, I was trying to lose weight. My youngest, who was 3 at the time, told me "I don't want you to lose weight. Mommies aren't skinny!" Now I get a daily "Mom you look beautiful!" And from the oldest I get "I don't know how you can stay on that? I'd be hungry all the time." And I think, yes my human garbage disposal, yes you would be! LOL

Or my mom and I having our morning phone call and she telling me "Good morning skinny beautiful!" It makes me remember how much my mom supported me in everything I wanted to do when I was younger and wouldn't let me give up very easily.

It may take a lot of will power to get through this, BUT with all the support I've been getting lately, I know I can do this. Only 18 pounds to go! I still can't believe that I started 30 pounds out and am already to 18 left! AMAZING!!!

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