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Saturday, June 25, 2011


Alright, lets get the dirty work out of the way. Saturday morning, no weight change. No problem though, look hot in the mirror. In fact last night I took some jammies out that I haven't fit into properly in years! So much so that my 6 year old asked if they were new! So that is fun!

Weekends are so hard though. BBQs and beer, wine and bon fires, and this weekend is our village festival! Which means deep fried anything and gyros! So how do I combat all of this. I pull up my big girl pants tight, like my old boss used to say, and try hard. I started out today with some fake french toast (which is just scarmbled eggs with vanilla, cinnamon, 1 pkg of sweetener and a little nutmeg) to get the sweet tooth under wraps. My hands will be full. I will keep a bottle of water in one hand and my son in the other. When we pass the hot dog stand, I will resist. Gyros, no thank you. Deep fried oreos, I think not! Until we hit the cotton candy. Then I might have a problem. That's where my diet police officer will tell me "Don't mom, it's not on your diet!"

I know its going to be rough. I will allow a beer or 2 this weekend. As long as I chase it with a ton of water to counter act it! I have the willpower. I wouldn't have made it this far if I didn't. I just have to use it and have faith in my own judgement.

Going to go through the jeans this weekend and try to shun all of those 13s. We shall see what happens. Good luck this weekend! But mostly, enjoy your new found self control!

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