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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Linking up to others

So the point of my blog was originally for me to get my emotions out while struggling through this diet. Writing is my way of getting it out without yelling and screaming. LOL But I am noticing more and more that I am helping others as well. Which come to think of it was my original idea just expanded; help myself, help others. Makes sense. Because of that I want to draw attention to the blogs that I have started following. I know they are listed to the side here, but they all deserve recognition. First is Blah Blah Blah - this one is being written by my Step-son's mom, who is one of my closests friends. She is an RN who is struggling through this too. I know, but healthcare providers struggle too. The next is My adventure to a healthy lifestyle. Also written by friend. It is tracking her and her husbands challenges through the diet. They have conquered amazing feats together and this diet is adding another one to that list. Third is Healthy in a Small Town. This is written by a longtime friend of mine. Its all about eating healthy and on a budget. Tons of recipes that may or may not be good for the cycle you are on, but will be down the road. Go ahead and check these out! And if you find any others that have helped you or that you enjoy reading, please let me know! These are all helpful to me to keep my chin up. Its good to know there are others in this world who are like us, choosing to change our lives. Good luck!

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