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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Royal Treatment

Once upon a time there was a queen. This queen thought that her kingdom was perfect. She had a roof over her head, 2 strapping princes and a handsome and loving king. She even had a garden that she could wonder through at her pleasing. The only thing that wasn't perfect in her eyes was herself. The king tried to tell her that she was beautiful. The princes tried to tell her she was wonderful. And the other queens that she was around tried to tell her she was fine the way she was. But everyday, when the queen looked in the mirror, the mirror would remind her of how she had let herself go. So one day the queen just stopped caring about herself. She started wearing rags, and not giving any effort to make herself presentable. Three years into this life she decided that she wanted more, but couldn't jump the hurdle to get motivated. She went to the royal doctor and was put on antidepressants. Then she started to see her worth again. She finally took that step and started moving towards what she thought she was meant to be. And stumbled, fell flat, cried and screamed, fought herself, ignored the words from her family. She was a loser, she wasnt' going to be able to change. Her sister from the royal land of Wyoming was at her palace one day and presented her with an idea. Try this diet with me, Look how it has helped me!

Ok so maybe that was a little over the top. BUT it explains in short how I felt for a long time. This diet has been so life changing for me. Yes, the weight loss is great, but my self esteem has sky rocketed! Not to the point where I think my farts don't smell. But to the point that I want to wear cute clothes again. I'll walk out of the house in shorts now! Heck I even wore a bathing suit this year already! I'm also wanting to get my nails done and treat myself to girly things. Yes, the diet is helping me lose weight but in the process it is bringing my spirits up. Good luck today. And know this, d7c2 and I just pulled my belt one MORE hole tighter without the scale moving! The change is great!

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