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Friday, June 17, 2011


So I got to eat my venison last night and let me tell you....IT WAS AWESOME! Its crazy how good certain foods taste after you've been sworn off them for awhile! YUMMY! It was so good.....I had seconds. And there is my downfall! I know it says generous helping of meat...I don't think Dr. Mike meant what ended up on my plate though! OOPS.

Well today is d2c2. Got on the scale--WTH? It still says 155!!!!!! Ok, get off the scale reset it again, lean a little to the left...ok a little to the right...NOPE STILL 155!!!! But today is also back to c1 meals. Then tomorow it will be back to c2 again. I have a feeling that this will work. Switching up the meal types, its got to confuse my metabolism (it confuses me so much that the book remains open on the counter!) It has to! I do have to keep this in perspective. I have lost 10 pounds already when at this point I would be back to eating everything in sight and be back up to 168, which is what my highest weight has been. So thinking that I can see the 140s getting closer, I just need to stick to this.

Eggs, with feta cheese and onion powder for breakfast. Salad for lunch with chicken on it. Not sure what for dinner yet. But I do know that this weekend, I will fight through those cravings. I will not drink a single beer, I will not take a bite of Chase's ice cream, I WILL CONQUER MY CRAVINGS! (hopefully) I also have a better handeling on how much food I really need to buy. Since I emptied 2 containers of diced onions into one this morning and it all needs to be tossed cause it doesn't smell like onions anymore! LOL And the spinich I bought for good greens, that is awfully funny looking this morning. So my shopping list will not consist of that anymore. Maybe a couple frozen packs. And squash! OH how I love squash. And I get to eat it everyother day now! Oh how c2 is wonderful! Vension and squash. I am set!

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