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Friday, June 24, 2011


Ok, I'm typing this while I can't breath! Well, I can breath but I am panting type breathing. I just pushed myself. Ran from garden floor to fourth floor. Ok, ran from garden floor to 2nd floor, then walked fast to 3rd floor and then used the railing to pull myself to 4th floor. Point is, no elevator this morning! I made the decision while walking my 5 minutes from the car to the building that I was running up the stairs. Then I made the decision about half way up that if I wanted to LIVE to see 4th floor, I'd better slow it down. I am pretty darn proud of myself though. This was all stemming from stepping on the scale today, being day 27 of the diet and day 9 of cycle 2, and finding that, once again, I have nudge the scale down a pound! So now I weigh what I did when I was 5 months pregnant 7 years ago! Only 17 pounds to go!!! That is a great feeling.

I was trying to find clothes in the dark this morning, and pulled a pair of jeans out. While pulling them on I thought, man these are tight. Whats the deal? So after zipping and buttoning, I woke my poor husband up and pulled the tag out and said, "What does this say?" He says "Um SO?" I said "Not the brand, the size." He says, "Um 6" My heart stopped and then he said "No wait 9." I turned around with this evil smile on my face (which I think scared him). I had just pulled on a 9 without jumping around the room and was able to button and zip them without sucking my tummy in to my brains! Then I realized that my muffin top was showing and I was really having a hard time breathing comfortably, so I took them off. The point is, I did it! So out came the 13s I'm normalling wearing and the belt goes down ANOTHER HOLE!!!

The point that I'm trying to make is to keep breathing. When the scale stops, keep breathing it will move again. When life throws crazy things at you, keep breathing, you will get through. When you're happy beyond belief or sad to the bottom of a pit, KEEP BREATHING! Your life happens the way its supposed, but unless you keep breathing, you will never know where it will take you!

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