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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mornings and Lemon Water

The title in itself describes 2 things that, before I started this diet, I hated! While I am still not totally in love with either, we are on speaking terms. But I guess that if I now get out of bed when the alarm actually goes off the first time, that tells me that my body is regaining energy. Just one more great side effect of this diet.

More proof for me comes in the form of the outdoors. Now that is where my family lives (basically). I live with all boys remember. So, yesterday (after fighting the grocery store lines) my husband and I went into the far corner of our yard, where we have 2 fruit trees, a mullberry and a cherry. We spent a good couple hours picking fruit! And while those are great trees to get my fruit servings, they are also great for homemade wine! So after picking, came the squishing again. I will be so happy by the end of the year when I can have wine in moderation and the stuff we made is ready to drink!

Ok, I got sidetracked, sorry! This morng I feel very proud of myself. I had turkey hot dogs with no bun for dinner. I took my 6 year old for Wendy's after grocery shopping and didn't even take a bite of his chicken nuggets! I had a few beers last night. BUT the scale actually went down 1/2 a pound. But I don't count halves cause of the type of scale I have. I have mde it through day 1 of the weekend without cheating! Today I get to go meet my new nephew so today should be a breeze! I hope!

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