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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Ok, so I know that there are tons of fruits that one can eat on this diet. But this was a new one for me. My girlfriend called me last night on her way home from the grocery store. She said she was thinking of me in the produce aisle (sweet I know!) All the berries were there. Then she told me about these apples she bought, or should I say Grapples! I have NEVER heard of these. She says they smell like grapes and taste like apples. What will they think of next? I have GOT to try these.

Anyway, I have no scale news but I did have a slip up yesterday. Mind you it was small but my body was not happy after. My boss is retiring this week, so the first office party since I started the diet was yesterday. I ATE A SLICE OF CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was small and it really didn't taste all that great but for some reason I had to eat the WHOLE piece!!! I was devestated! How could I have done that. I had been so strong through all of this. I know how. It was those sweet ladies I work with. "I'm diebetic and I am going to have one. Just one won't hurt!"  Oh boy were they wrong. It hurt alright! My body made me pay out (if you get my jist). Just another reminder to myself that the junk needs to stay out or it will find its way out! And it made me stay away from the cookies and bean dip and all the other STUFF.

Keep my chin up and the weight will fall off. I think that will be my slogan for the day.

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