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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cycle 2 begins!

So I woke up this morning SO excited that it was the start of cycle 2. Jumped on the scale...still 155. Ok I can deal with that. Then I was so excited for breakfast....that is until I read the menu options for breakfast. WHAT! I can't make a baked potato and then fry them BEFORE work! So I settled for good old fashioned scrambled eggs. With some seasoning of course. I read over the chapter again...and again. I really only see one change for today, well besides that I get to have venison for dinner! For that change I get to add natural starches. What the heck are natural starches? So I read the chapter AGAIN, and paid closer attention to the food list. So I decided to take some CORN for lunch. Its sad when corn is the exciting part of my day. BUT its something new that I haven't had in a while and I get to have a potato with dinner. There, 2 starches for the day covered. So maybe cycle 2 won't be so bad after the weekend when I have time to premake lunches and breakfasts.

Last night was spent staring at men - yes fun I know EXCEPT they were mostly stinky old men (except for my HOT hubby-ok I'm partial there)-and they were all playing horseshoes. I also spent time building up a friend who is wanting to start this diet. She's been putting it off and will start Monday! WOO HOO for her! I'm beginning to fell like I should be a paid spokeswoman for this diet. My friend down the road and her husband are starting today...I hope! Its great to see the effect that I am having on people. Now those people have to start helping me stay motivated too! LOL I just keep looking at that bikini hanging on the door, and thinking "Yes kids I will be the embarrassing mom on the beach in the swimsuit that is way to YOUNG for her. Deal with it!"

So anyway. Here goes cycle 2. Hopefully a few more pounds will be lost! And I won't be jumping aroundt he bedroom to put on those size 11 jeans and those size 9 jeans will make it past my thighs soon! Here's to my jeans I didn't throw away JUST IN CASE I needed them again!!

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