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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another one bites the dust!

Not much to write for this morning. I did a strange thing yesterday. When I got home from work I weighed myself again. The best part is that I weighed the exact same as I did in the morning!!! 155! Crazy!

This morning I am another pound down. Thank the Lord!!! 154. That means that in 20 days I have lost 11 pounds! Pretty good considering I usually would've given up by now! Only 19 lbs to go! This diet is AWESOME!!!!! Today will be a challenge though because it is Saturday. Used to be pizza night. Saturdays are always mourned by my body now. I think I might try to make the turkey crust pizza tonight.

On another note, we may have another friend of mine starting this awesome change!! I'm so excited for her!

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