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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


HA! The scale is moving again....in the RIGHT direction this time! This morning I was down to 147.5. I was so glad to see that. The downer for the day, I was walking into work when I realized I forgot to put my belt on AND I wore my fat jeans. This ought to make for an interesting day.  My confession for yesterday....popcorn...before I left work. And then hubby let me cave into a Peppermint Patty at bedtime. I know, I know, stop scolding! They were soooo good though. Today's splurge....NOTHING! Today I will hit the stairs as usual and move this scale down. I have also decided (and hopefully my high school track coach doesn't read this) that I am going to start training for a 5k that is run at my sons school for charity. This takes place in October. I have printed out the plan from my friends blog for the Couch to 5K plan. Her blog is http://cglifestylechange.blogspot.com/. You should check it out. It seems like I might get somewhere with this! But I'm not going to call it training, I'm going to call it getting off my butt at home and trying to get in shape! That's what comes after you lose the weight.. I know, I always thought the tight abs showed up on their own too! Not so! LOL

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  1. Yea I wont be alone! this will encourage me to stick with the "training" now that ur trying it. When are you starting? Jeremy said he would try it so we are gone to start friday. hopefully we can make it! good luck if u ever want a partner you can call me!