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Monday, August 15, 2011

Never a good time.

146. Yup, all I gained this weekend was .5! WOOT WOOT! That included a family reunion FULL of horrible choices! My thinking is the laughter made up for it! What a great time.

I hear a lot of people (myself included) saying that summer is a horrible time to try to lose weight. All of the events, and parties that happen. BUT if I think about it, there is NO good time for dieting. Ok here's why I say this. Thinkk of your favorite season. Why is it your favorite? Mine is spring. Spring means everything is coming back to life, it means the sun is out and the rain falls and the snow is mostly gone. Ok BUT spring is also when the first outdoor parties start up again. Its when Easter is, its when we gear up for summer. Lots of food. Ok so I'll go to fall then. Fall is my other favorite. EXCEPT, fall is when the leaves are falling, its starting to chill off. The bon fires pick up more and so do the smores.  Thanksgiving, Halloween. The big chunky stews and warm tea. The vegging in front of the fire. And then its winter. And we ALL stock up on comfort food in the winter. Stew, roasts, dumplings, etc.....Plus Christmas and New Years, Valentines day (which is bad for anyone-honey or no honey we are ALL eating the candy and taking ourselves out for dinner! Or drinking the alcohol to forget we are single.) So really its never a good time to start dieting. The season is just an excuse. Its never a good time if you look at it from that perspective. It is ALWAYS a good idea to start getting healthy. Any day that you finally find the will power to fight past the season and the next party, is the right time to diet. If you don't want to feel healthy, fine. But please don't use the excuse like I did for so many years....There is Never a good time to start dieting, because there is a good time to start...How about now?

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