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Friday, August 5, 2011

Farm Market

146. I know its only a pound, but I finally broke through again. There is only one way this scale is moving from now on...and that is DOWN! I visited the farmers market yesterday and let me tell you, if you haven't been to a farm market before and you live anywhere near Lansing, MI, you should check this one out. I think they have 2 more this year. I'll try to find out and post it. It has been a LONG time since I had been to a real farm market, probably a good 20 years. I remember going with my frind Stephanie's family one time. I really thought it was cool then! This time though...WOW. That's all I have to say. There were so many vendors and the people watching (my fave) was phenominal. Of course fruits and veggies are a little more but you are helping the local farmers so who cares! There were veggies there that I had never heard of. I know, I have my own garden in my yard, but I needed veggies for the day and they just happened to have some yummy zuchinni and green beans. Saved my life! If you have a local farm market, give it a try. You might be surprised what you find there!

Any way. Like I said 146 and cruising. I wish there was a cruise button on this body. That would be great! LOL

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