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Monday, August 29, 2011


Oh you darn weekends. I used to love you! Ok, I still do. And I know everyone deserves the weekends, BUT NOT MY WILL POWER!!!! That thing has no right to take a couple days off! I stuck so well to everything this weekend....until Sunday. That's when the pizza and cookies appeared. I kept telling myself to only have 1 piece of pizza.....of course that was during my second piece.And only 1 cookie...ok 2. And NO pretzels..except they looked so good. But definitly stay away from the garlic butter dipping sauce.....or not. OH and then there was the soda. I NEVER DRINK SODA! EVER!! But it was so hot by the lake, and I didn't see the waterbottle in front of me...just 1 glass. Ok, so now its out there. Me, the advocate for the 17 Day Diet SUCKS AT CONTROLLING HERSELF!!!! Every Monday seems to be the same thing...I will do better this week. I will not give in! Well, here I go again. And this week its back to couch to 5k. Neighbors, this mean look out cause we are running this week!!! LOL

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