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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Darn Cookies!

I have decided that cookies should not be allowed to be anywhere near me! Last night was the wrap up for hubby's horseshoes for the year. They had a lot of food. Thankfully I stayed away from most of it....except those really soft and delicious m&m cookies....I had 3! YES 3!!!! Ok, maybe 4. Why? Why? Why? I don't know! They were so inviting and they looked so lonely. And it was then that I realized I had forgotten my big girl pants at home and the little girl in me was VERY present. Today I HAVE to walk the stairs because I haven't done anything since Tuesday and I think its starting to show! LOL.

Tomorrow we leave for the BIG RACE! I am so excited but scared at the same time. I know how I get on weekends and then to add the race in! I keep thinking I should bring the scale and then I think I shouldn't. Its only 4 days. And if willpower tags along, I should be good! Right? Wish me luck anyway!

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