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Thursday, August 4, 2011


So at 147 again. So that means 2 pounds down on r3c1d3. Today is day 4. I must say, I am sooooo tired. But still, I love seeing the scale move down. Problem for today...NO VEGGIES LEFT IN THE HOUSE! Lucky for me, the annual Farmers Market on the Capitol lawn is today and that means fresh veggies are only 2 blocks away! YIPPEE!! Hopefully I can wait until 10 when they open to go get a snack. Its not going to be easy. Especially since the cafeteria is 5 floors below me with chocolate! I can do this. I have my mind set in the right place and my body is getting there!

What are some of your cravings and how do you fight them? I need ideas for this round. Plus everyone else reading this would love to have ideas too! So tell me. What are they and how do you combat them?

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