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Monday, August 8, 2011

What the?

So my conquering 145 was overturned by stupidity this weekend. I am telling you, if my life was a comic book, the arch-enemy would be weekends. I hate them. No really I love them but I hate them. I went from 145 to 148 AGAIN! I HATE 148. 145 looked so much nicer. So back to square one this week. This weeks goal is to get to 142. 6 pounds. I think it is do-able. If I could do 5 in less than a week, then I can do 6 in a week.I know where the bad choices were and what I should have done, or should not have done. So, this week is back to the grind. I really didn't fall off the wagon this weekend except for the amount of bread I had. That's one of the hardest parts for me, the bread. I LOVE BREAD! I am a self proclaimed bread geek! Anyway. This week will be no bread and I should be good.

When I was younger this whole arguement with weight was not anything I had to deal with. Its very discouraging to be this way. I have come a long way though. I have to remember where I was when I started and where I am now.

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  1. I love bread too!!! And I'm currently reading a fabulous book (How to Bake a Perfect Life) it's fiction but has bread recipes in it... oh my word they sound so delicious!

    You have made AMAZING progress so far!!!!!!! You look wonderful!!

    Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. =)