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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


What will it take? I have these last 10 pounds that I have been struggling with. I was starting to get discouraged again last night. In fact, so much so that I was actually in the cupboard telling my self to eat something bad. I figure that way I would have something to feel guilty about that made sense. Come on Bethie, you have lost 20 pounds so far! The last 10 shouldn't bug you so much. So, this morning when I woke up and started feeling sorry for the fact that I am stuck, I smacked myself on the head. And it HURT! Knock it off, stupid. You have done so good so far. That 10 pounds is going to be the hardest because your body is starting to build more muscle. Remember, you were the one who wanted to tone up too. I'm done feeling bad, and ready to kick that 10 pounds A**!! Look out family. I am kicking into workout mode, and it won't be pretty! Jillian is making a comeback, Couch to 5k is on the list, and heck maybe even that chair dance video that I HAD to have may get to come out......ok maybe not. The stairs are going to be walked, the weights are going to be used for something other than holding the bedroom door open. I am kicking my own butt and it starts..........TODAY! Stop it brain, today not tomorrow, not next week, TODAY! After grocery shopping.....TODAY!!!

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  1. The last ten are the hardest, I have not "lost" anything lately staying around 146 (gained a pound). BUT I am toning up or something because i fit into smaller jeans... maybe u should measure yourself? because ur right ur building muscle now. U can do this- fighting the mind is ALOT of the battle. Last night i did the day 3 of week 2 C25k... and let me tell u it was a mind battle just to keep going the last 3 runs... i felt like i was DYING but i put one foot in foot in front of the other and felt so PROUD when i made it the whole time even if i was doing a WOG (half jog, half walk, lol) Every time a negative thought comes in your mind combat it with a POSITIVE through it really works, be ur own cheerleader ;)