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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Superman Ice Cream

Scale moving down. This is good. 147. Getting there....again! White fish last night. Not sure if its legal on c1 but I figure, fish is fish. It was probably one of the best frozen fish I have ever had! I'm thinking I should recalculate my goal. Lets go with 7 pounds for the week. Which would put me at 141. Now wouldn't THAT look nice on the scale!

I was asked last night by my 6 year old if superman ice cream was on my diet. Boy do I wish it was! Quit waving it in front of me kid or it WILL be on my diet! LOL. He calmly took a step backward and walked backward out of the kitchen....waving his spoon at me. Got to love the things kids do. NOT! I wanted to chase him down and tackle him and take that bowl and clean it out. But I didn't. I controlled myself. I grabbed my yogurt and mixed some cocoa in it and enjoyed that instead. My son calls it my fake ice cream. But hey kid at least you got to keep yours! LOL

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