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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Did It!

Last night I actually finally went out and did the first walk/run for the couch to 5k. I didn't die, I didn't fall and I didn't feel stupid either! I felt great! So hopefully I can fit in 2 more this week like it suggests. Not sure though. Wednesday is horseshoes, Friday we leave for the race, Thursday I'll be taking the kid and dog to their prospective places for the weekend. That leaves today. I'll atleast try to get it in again today.

No weight loss to report today (well .5 of a pound down). Although it bothers me, I know it shouldn't. I hate plateaus. Its my own fault I think. As hard as I try to stick to it, when the budget says no to some things you just can't eat them until the next paycheck. That is what this week has been like. I ran out of yogurt again, I am feasting on carrots only and to fill in for the gaps at dinner, I've been eating noodles....not horrible but not right for c1! Its ok though. I am adding more excercise now with the couch to 5k, so lets hope I see the scale move tomorrow.

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