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Monday, July 11, 2011

17 Day Diet and NASCAR!

So, not only did I drop the pounds I gained over the weekend, I also got myself to 150 again! WOO HOO! Not sure if it was all the sweating that I did yesterday...gosh it was (is) hot or the fact that I stuck to it! And that cauliflower pizza was a great way for me to eat my veggies with out eating them raw! It was really a no brainer on that.  So r2c1d2 I am down 3 pounds again. So this is good.

I have to tell you about my excericise for yesterday. There was no Jillian involved BUT I have my own personal trainer working with me. And he's free! Ok, so it may not be his actual profession....ok so maybe its just my 6 year old. BUT he forced me into walking all over the place yesterday. His response when I asked him why..."Because mom, walking is good. It makes your diet work better!" What? He's actually been paying attention to more than the food part! How awesome. So we walked to the store and got him ice cream. We walked up and down the street following his rc truck. We walked to the back of our .63 acre yard and back. We walked up and down the stairs. I WAS WIPED!

Today, I took the stairs from ground floor up to fourth. Meaning 8 flights of 14 stairs each. Hopefully I have enough ambition at lunch to walk the stairs again for a few minutes. I have 15 pounds to lose yet. And a HUGE NASCAR race in August that I want to feel good at and enjoy! So here's to NASCAR and stair walking!


  1. I just wanted to tell you that you look great! I'm only on day 7 of cycle 1, but have already lost 7lbs. I feel so much better (after the first four Angry Days, anyway)too. Way to go!

  2. Thanks! And great job-hats off to you! My first few days were "angry" too, but you made it!!