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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Some people have wondered why I am doing this. Why do I spend my time eating right, and trying to lose weight. I think that there are a couple misconceptions that I need to clear up. First, I am doing this for me! Not for anyone else. Ok well maybe for my family too. I really think that had I not started this wehn I did, that I would never had tried to get healthy again. I want to be able to be around to see my kids grow up (which who knows maybe I would've lived a long time) but I want to be able to enjoy the time I have with them. Second, much to the dismay of most people in the world, I was considered very over weight-not obese but was climbing quickly in the direction. For those who do not believe that ask your doctor what the ideal weight for yourself is. It might surprise you.

For almost a year now, I have been standing in shock of the scale read at my last annual visit. 169.  Yup that's right, 169. I said to my doctor "I've been walking and trying to eat right. What am I doing wrong?" You know what she told me? (Of course you don't haha.) She said that walking is good, but if you want to walk to lose weight, you have to walk a LLLLLOOOONNNNGGGG way to burn off the calories of an apple. OR she suggested that I start actually watching what I eat. It wasn't so much what I was eating, it was the portion size and the lack of excersize to burn off the extra calories associated with processed foods. I tried and tried to figure out what that all meant. It wasn't until I found this book, that I completely understood what went wrong. It has made me be more aware that my stomach is saying "Stop putting food in, I am full." instead of my brain saying "Yum let's have some more....more....more." It has made me more aware of the food labels and the contents. I don't think my mom ever fed my family a lot of anything that had words we couldn't pronounce easily.  The lifestyle has changed at my house. At least for the most part. I am still trying to reach my husband and get him to change too. He has a little. And my kids still don't like a lot of veggies, but what they get is healthier.

I am getting so close to the end of my goal, that I need to start setting a new goal. That's how I get through things like this. Working out is hard for me. I don't like to wake up early, I don't like to do anything when I get home. So for now, I will use my lunch time to walk those HORRENDOUS stairs. Then when that gets to easy (ha ha) I will move onto more. Heck, I may even add a little Jillian soon. All I know is that I have worked to get my weight down, now I need to start working to tone it.

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