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Thursday, July 28, 2011


So I need to confess....I've been cheating a bit. NOT A LOT! But I haven't been sticking as tightly to cycle 1 as I have wanted this time. So my thought is this. Start again next week. And this time stick to it...tight! While I feel great, I still haev those 13 pounds to lose. I really wanted to be at goal by August 19. That is when we leave for our adult weekend at the race. Monday would give me 3 weeks. HOPEFULLY, I can get this done or at least be closer to the goal.

Yesterday, I did meet my goal of only using the stairs. I even did stairs again on break. Today I won't be able to ALWAYS use the stairs because of training. When I get back to the office though, stairs it is. This a great way to burn my calories. This should help meet my goal as well. Onward and upward (up the stairs) and downward (on the scale)!

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