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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Draggin' Butt!

So cycle 3, let me tell you, I was SO excited to get to this point. Now I wish I would've thought ahead a bit more. I can SO feel a difference in my body. Adding the calories has caused my skin to break out again. BUT in order to not discourage those who are not here yet, I have to say this.....I NEED MORE EXCERISE! I can totally feel the effects of more calories and not enough excercise. I feel draggy today, like I did before I started the diet. I know that yesterday I said I was going to fight and get up this morning. But last night was a long night, so unfortunately I stood up Jillian again. Pretty soon she will probably bust through my bedroom door and drag me out by my hair. I Kind of wish she would do that anyway! LOL.

I also have not had yogurt in DAYS. I just spent a dollar to get a little container in the cafeteria. I wonder if that has anything to do with this bouncing back and forth. This morning the scale once again has me at 151. I can't handle this!!! Just kidding. My clothes are looking better everyday. I am on day 6 of cycle 3 and know in order to fix things, I need to add more excercise and get my probiotics going again.

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