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Friday, July 8, 2011

Cycle 3 Day 7

Cycle 3....again I hate you. I know this is not your fault but I'm going to blame you first. Then I'm gonna take a look at me and realize that it is my fault. Cycle 3 has made it to easy for me to get lose on my eating habits again. I see that I can eat a serving of bread, I eat it, but then later I eat it again. I guess its time for me to leave the book open again and to find a way to remind myself that I need to be disciplined. I am not saying that I have ballooned out of control, I'm just saying that I haven't lost anything on cycle 3 yet and I am on day 7.

I was not able to excerise this morning as I wanted too. We had a little bit of a strange night compared to normal. But, I have made myself a promise that I will, I will, I will workout tomorrow. I HAVE TOO. Today I took the stairs to floor 3 and rode the elevator to 4. On lunch I will be walking the stairs again. Although, I'm not sure how anyone can do that for 17 minutes, as my friend can, but I will try. It is quite a workout. And then maybe I will see that scale move again.

What kills me is that I am so close to the 140s, that I ache for that scale to move. Just a pound down would be nice, just so I can say I'm 149 and not 150-151 (whatever the scale wants me to be lately).  Today, as a treat to myself, I am taking myself shopping and buying a pair of jeans. And yes, unfortunatley, they will probably be from the juniors section, because for some reason I think I am still a junior. LOL

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