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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm sorry, but I have to write about this. So please forgive my lack of lady-likeness for this post. I HAVE BEEN BOUND UP! There, I said it! Reason, not enough fiber. The last 3 days, I have added green beans (some fresh from our garden YUM YUM, some from a can) to my meals. Then some extra onions and cauliflower. Today I finally burst! Ok that was a little rude to say it that way. Let's try again. Today I finally had a #2, and not just one. I feel SO much better. While the scale was at a hault this morning still, I believe I have solved my problem. I would like to say thank you to a friend of mine who reminded me a while back that fiber is awfully important. While you don't want to have too much of it, there is definitly the need. Sorry about the post, but it needed to be said. Be sure that your fiber and water intake are up to par, and so will your....well you know!

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