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Friday, July 1, 2011

Time to shop....sort of.

Yesterday was my bosses last day, so he took the crew out for lunch. I tried to make the best of what was on the menu (and it was a c2 day). I had a burger on rye bread. While it tasted delicious, my tummy did not feel so delicious afterwards. I thought to myself  "Self, you may have thought you did good, but I bet the scale tells you differently in the morning."  But when I got on the scale today.....VICTORY! Down another pound. Now sitting at 150! YIPPEE! Those 140s that seemed so far away at the start are being stared down with my evilest looking eye. I CAN conquer you 140s. Just try to take me on! So far 15 pounds down and 15 to go!

The next step is buying new.......BRAS! WTH?  Sorry if this next paragraph is TMI. No, no, not the boobies! I remember now why gaining weight was ok at one point. My boobs were awesome! Now I will have to call them the incredible shrinking boobs. Well, I can live with that if I am healthy...I GUESS (sarcasm). I still have my......wait...where's my J-Lo butt! Ok, I could deal with the boobs but now your telling me my butt is leaving too? Well, I suppose I can handle that. But PLEASE take my arm fat and double chin too. Oh wait, you are diet! Thank you! So in other words, since I was thinking ahead YEARS ago (or just not wanting to come to terms with my weight) and saved all of my smaller clothes, my jeans should be fine. I did however let the hubby use my old bras for minnow catchers and sling shots (just joking) so I do need to go shop for more, oh and maybe some other undergarments. I can deal with that.

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