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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Under Pressure..

This is the BIG holiday weekend that I have been waiting for....on this diet. I love celebrating Independence Day! Three day weekend and lots of fun, food and friends. But wait, lots of food can be dangerous. As can the beer that usually accompanies the festivities. I've got this though. This weekend I will be surrounded by plenty of people that are also on this "diet" so that should help keep me in check. But just to make sure, I have to go load up on veggies and water bottles.

Today is day 17 of cycle 2!! WOO HOO!!! I love that they end this on a "red meat" day. Plus that means that I won't have to be as restricted on the TYPES of food I eat. Like I said though, I will be surrounded by people on this diet, so I will do my best to eat with their cycle (if that makes sense). This weekend is full of pressures for those of us in the United States. And being a weekend, for everyone! I'm glad I will be under pressure. It will show me where my will power is. Mine better be with me!

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