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Monday, July 4, 2011

Have It Your Way

So I am just asking "Will power, where were you yesterday?"  Yesterday was day 1 of cycle 3. Weighed in at 150 yesterday morning. Thanks to my will power (or lack thereof), I weighed in at 151.5 this morning!!! This is the first time in a long time that the scale went up. BUT I know why. And it's my own fault....wait, no, I will blame it on my will power. Its all that stupid things fault.....right?

Yesterday was a great day. We took our youngest to the Blue Angels Air Show....went with family and friends. It was a great time...except that since I finally was allowed to have bread, I took it a bit overboard. I had 2....yes 2....sandwiches! What the heck was I thinking. I wasn't, I was doing my old habit of midless eating. I did plenty of walking and drank plenty of water while at the show. I even had my carrots and celery. Then, when we got home, everyone else came home with us. It was a lot of fun. Once again, though, mindless eating. Another sandwich (I know this is soooo not like me lately), and then next thing I know there is a beer in my hand and chips (I HATE plain chips) in my mouth!!! I then proceeded to have a popsicle. Good grief. I am paying for it today. Between the SCREAMING headache and the scale going the wrong way, I'm pretty sure I've learned my lesson. Today is a do-over. I will still count yesterday as day 1, but today will go the way it is supposed to. Lots of veggies, watch my servings. I think today I will use the slogan from Burger King (who I miss dearly....I think) to restart myself. "Have it your way!" My way is the scale moving down.

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  1. U look great,don't beat urself up! The willpower was there u stayed away from the deep fried goodies. That's a big deal! That 1.5 pounds will come off in no time. And Ull be in those 140' s before u know it. It's depressing to see it go up but u know what u did and u know what to do now.Ur a strong women don't let this get u down.Ur such an inspiration to a lot of people. Now I netters see a happy Beth when I drop off Chase tonight ;) ;)