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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Starting over

Yesterday was one of my best friends brithday. WE all went to the beach. IT was great to put on a bathing suit and not feel completely self conciouse. I did feel a little funny though. The problem is, I ate WAY to much. I gained 3 pounds. I was not happy.

Needless to say, I have decided to forgo the rest of cycle 3 (which I think I would be on day 8 today.) and start back over on cycle 1. So today marks r2c1d1. I can't wait. I'm not sure if the weight will fall off like before, but I'm hoping for at least some movement. I was VERY discouraged knowing that it was my fault. I am thinking I wasn't ready for c3. I didn't have myself in check. I was able to have bread again and took WAY to much advantage of that. Plus, chips, popsicles, and other items got brought in that shouldn't have been there. I wasn't excericising enough. I was told to check my calories. I was having WAY to many and not doing enough with those calories.

A couple things that I learned from cycle 3:

If you don't have ENOUGH calories, you will not lose. Starnge isn't it, but true-not enough calories puts your body into starvation mode.

More calories and carbs means you HAVE to up your excerise. If you don't, it is very detrimental to the diet.

Remember, everything in moderation. Just because something is added does not mean you can indulge in it. REmember the hunger meter and stick with what your body says not how good it tastes!!

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