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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


So, here we are again. And while I know there is no ACTUAL weight change (because the scale said so, no matter how I lean.) there has been a change in inches. I know this because of the shirt I put on today (and because my belt says so). It's one of those shirts that you are pulling down all day if your belly doesn't actually fit but you still want to wear it. Well, there was pulling-pulling over my head, pulling when I got out of the car. BUT walking the blocks to work and up the stairs (no elevator today is the goal) there was no shifting!!! I can't believe it. I'll post a picture in a while. Hehe.

Like I said, no elevator today. I already walked from floor 1 to floor 4 when I got here. It was a last minute decision. Today's trick, no elevator. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully that doesn't make me stay on floor 4 all day! LOL! I so have this. Well at least thats what my biggest cheerleader told me the other day. And I do. I have this. 13 pounds seems like a lot BUT I've lost 17 already! Over half. Start was 165 current is 148. I've got this.

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