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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mission Stairs-Not Impossible

Ha, I did it! I walked the stairs 2 times in a row. These are those awful stairs that are at work. 784 of them! And to top it off I did them all in under 10 minutes. I think the stopwatch said 7:45. WOOHOO! I felt like death becomes her when I was doen. And my legs had no feeling except a jelly-like sensation. Point is, I set my goal for the day and I hit it. I HIT ANOTHER GOAL!!! So here's what I did. I started on floor 4 (where my office is) and walked to floor 7 (spooky floor 7 that is). Then I walked down to first floor and back up to 7. Then I turned around and walked back to 1 again. At the bottom there I thought, I have this!  At floor 2 I thought "You moron, what are you thinking." At floor 3 I thought, "I could turn off now and hop the elevator to 4." But my soul said "DO NOT CHEAT YOURSELF OUT OF THIS VICTORY!" I'm glad that I didn't!

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  1. Victory!!! I've been slacking now u have inspired me to get back to the stairs tonight. Thanks!